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Leaving Bear Stearns

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The Metropolitan Diary is the part of the New York Times where readers write in cloyingly cute stories about daily life in New York City. If your mother had a favorite section of the Times, this would be it.
When we found ourselves with little to read on the train back to New York City yesterday, we actually found ourselves reading the page. The very first story we came across got our attention: it was about Bear Stearns. Kathy Enders worked at Bear before the merger with JP Morgan Chase. She was let go when the firms merged. Packing up her office belongings was "backbreaking and heartbreaking," she writes. But fortunately New York City rode to her rescue, literally.

After my final bags were packed, I headed to Third Avenue, the past five years of my work life in tow. An eagle-eyed cabdriver spotted me at the 47th Street bus stop and yelled out his window, asking if I wanted to take a cab instead of waiting for a bus. I held up one of my bags imprinted with the Bear Stearns logo, and shook my head no.
The cabdriver, not skipping a beat, yelled out, "It's on me."

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