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Lehman Brothers: Now Hiring

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Anyone need a job? You'd think the matter of canning 1,500 employees yesterday would've meant LEH not being up for much in the way of new hires for a while but you'd think wrong. They are back in the saddle and eager to have you and yours, Thursday afternoon's gutting having created more than enough space to stretch your shit out. The following listing was added this morning to a certain b-school's jobs board. Act now, before they go under.

Type of Position: Permanent
Location: Multiple Locations
Work Authorization: No work auth. restriction
Job Function: Finance: Investment Banking
Job Detail:
Investment Banking Full Time Associate U.S.
Location Opportunities: New York, Menlo Park, Los Angeles
Investment Banking Division:
Corporations and governments worldwide come to Lehman Brothers for our
Investment Banking expertise. The division provides comprehensive financial
advisory and capital raising services. This includes advice relating to
mergers and acquisitions, privatizations, and debt and equity financings and
We believe in an integrated approach to Client coverage. We organize our
people into industry, product and geographic groups to provide Clients with
bankers who possess extensive expertise across all investment banking
Our investment banking expertise spans a diverse spread of global industries
and products, including Communications and Media, Consumer Retail, Financial
Institutions, Financial Sponsors, Healthcare, Natural Resources, Industrial,
Power, Technology, Mergers and Acquisitions, Equity Capital Markets, Debt
Capital Markets, Leveraged Finance, Private Capital Markets, Restructuring,
Exclusive Sales, Global Finance Solutions, Global Finance Analytics, Equity
Linked and Hybrid Solutions, Risk Solutions.
Investment Banking Associate Program:
The program begins with four weeks of training in New York. This training
introduces you to the Firm and its uniquely team-based approach, and
reinforces the skills that you will apply as an investment banker. Classroom
training during this first four weeks includes technical skills training in
accounting and finance, as well as presentations and discussions that will
introduce you to Lehman Brothers' unique One Firm approach to Client
services. You will have the opportunity to learn about the Firm's culture and
history as well as being provided with the analytical tools you will use
throughout your investment banking career. You will also participate in small
teams on projects to gain a better understanding of the Firm's capabilities
and help you to develop a global network of peers.
Following the training program, you will return to your region of hire.
Associates in the New York office complete three, one-month rotations which
will introduce you to the Firm's industry and product groups. These rotations
give you the opportunity to participate as a fully contributing member of
selected project teams working with bankers at all levels on diverse
assignments. The rotations are followed by longer-term placement into one of
the Firm's industry or product focused groups.
As an associate, you will learn to become the primary processor on a deal or
proposal. You will have the opportunity to master all aspects of executing a
transaction and creating a new business presentation, including performing
financial analysis and modeling, researching industries, preparing offering
memoranda and other written materials and interacting with Clients. As you
progress, you will be able to manage a transaction with minimal supervision,
and coordinate the activities of team members, Clients, lawyers and
accountants. Rest assured, we will keep investing in your future. We strive
to provide regular confidential 360-degree performance reviews to help you
keep improving, excellent long-term career opportunities and a clear path of
opportunity for career growth.
We seek dedicated professionals who are highly motivated, have strong records
of success, and whose abilities and personal qualities indicate exceptional
potential for an investment banking career. In return, we provide
unparalleled professional exposure and the opportunity to work with some of
the most talented bankers in our industry.
Application Instructions:
Please apply online at under Apply Now. Select from
the following positions:
2009 : Americas; New York; Investment Banking; Generalist; Associate Full
Time; 2009
2009 : Americas; Los Angeles; Investment Banking; Generalist; Associate Full
Time; 2009
2009 : Americas; Menlo Park, CA; Investment Banking; Generalist; Associate
Full Time; 2009


Some Lehman Brothers Alums Doing Demonstrably Better Than Others

Joe Gregory has been forced to put his Long Island-chic manse on the market. Dick Fuld's been pounding the pavement for months with nothing to show for it.  Bella is still dead. Not a lot to celebrate and yet some people have managed to do pretty okay for themselves despite having spent time at 745 7th Avenue. Erin Callan, as may have heard, is happily married to firefighter Anthony Montella and living in a $3.9 million house in the Hamptons and Evelyn Stevens, who actually worked at another firm before leaving Wall Street but should know that if you so much as set foot in the lobby of the building, you'll be branded a Lehman Brother or Sister for life, just competed in her first Olympics and no longer counts herself among financial services employees who spend their days fantasizing about a life that doesn't so closely resemble hell. The 5-foot-5 (1.7-meter) Stevens said she’s using savings from banking bonuses to “cushion” the blow of lower earnings. She began her career as an investment-banking analyst at Lehman Brothers Inc., leaving in 2007 before the bank collapsed. “I was able to save a lot of my bonuses,” Stevens said. “I don’t have to survive on a $10,000 or $8,000 purse from cycling. If I hadn’t been in investment banking, I wouldn’t have been able to be at the Olympics.” She was 24th in yesterday’s Olympic women’s road race, finishing among a group including teammate Shelley Olds that was 27 seconds behind gold-medal winner Marianne Voss of the Netherlands. There were 66 riders at the start. While there’s a “big discrepancy” from what she once earned, Stevens said her quality of life has improved. After leaving behind a 90-hour working week in banking, she lives in Girona, Spain during the European racing season and Boulder, Colorado. “In New York there’s pressure, and it’s kind of negative, everyone was stressed,” Stevens, dressed in U.S. team tracksuit and lycra three-quarter length pants at the London Olympic Park, said July 27. “I don’t get so much money now but my quality of living has gone up.” Ex-Lehman Banker Parlays Bonuses Into Cycling Berth At Olympics [Bloomberg]

Everybody Give It Up For Lehman Brothers!

"We are proud to announce Lehman's exit from chapter 11 and entrance into the final stage of this process -- distributions to creditors. Our objective remains to provide the best results possible for creditors -- by continuing to strategically position assets to produce strong values, to pursue the resolution of disputed claims and other matters in litigation, and to manage expenses in line with the asset disposition process," said John Suckow, who is managing director with bankruptcy adviser Alvarez & Marsal and Lehman's president and COO. Suckow also thanked Lehman employees for working "diligently" since the bank's collapse in September 2008 to reach the milestone. [NYP]