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New York Nannies: They're Just Like Us (You)! They're Unemployed!

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Bad news all around here--parents who would otherwise choose to not spend time with their spawn are being forced to do so because they can no longer afford to child rear via proxy. New York reports that the previously thriving nanny business has all but dried up due to widespread layoffs and shrinking bonuses. "It's been a week and no one's called," says Christopher Sager, a Soho-based child technician sans child. According to's Genevive Thiers, the listing service's job seekers have grown from 1,300 to 2,500 in the last six months. The number of Craigslist postings by those in the human animal husbandry business pushing their services has skyrocketed as well. Saturating the field are advertisements by former professionals from all walks of life whose backgrounds/interests aren't actually in raising your offspring but are just that desperate for work. Included in the mix are a transient crackwhore who's actually pretty great with kids* and a deposed Lehman Brothers CEO.**
Wall Street Woes Hit The Nursery [NYM]
*You know who, don't make me say it.
**Don't want to start a panic, but got some insider info on this one.


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