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Oyster Boy Still King Of Wall Street

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We were reminded this morning by Bess Levin, who is sunning herself on a beach somewhere while we toil away in the mill of rumors, that it's one of the last Friday's of the summer. You know what that means, right?
It's time to up your game for trading floor eating challenges. Earlier this summer, local hero Oyster Boy threw down the food eating challenge gauntlet by massacring 244 oysters in one hour. So far all of Wall Street has failed to match this monumental feat of gastrointestinal fortitude.
We at DealBreaker have chronicled these sad attempts: the inability to consume 36 mini vending machine snacks over the course of the day, 4 Eggless McMuffins in 60 minutes and so on and so forth.
Underway right now on trading floors across the New York financial scene are some rather uncreative challenges. At one small caps equity desk a guy is attempting to consume 60 McNuggets. (Side note: they still make McNuggets?) Over at a bond trading desk at a bank almost untouched by subprime sludge two junior traders are racing to the middle of a five foot long sub. (Side note: they still make junior bond traders?)
Surely some of you are practicing the fine art of eating challenges with a little more panache. Write to us at, text us at 646-526-3327 (our usual tips text line isn't working today, so that's our back up) or call us at 212-334-1871. Don't waste one of your last chances to make a difference on Wall Street.