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Place Your Bets

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Not really much to say today, although I'm glad CNBC's Dennis Kneale applauds Paris Hilton's rebuttal to John McCain's attack ad because apparently it's going to open the door for us to be able to make fun of Barack Obama which thus far, according to Kneale, we haven't been able to do because "we're...afraid that someone will call us racist." So...anyway. Just thought I'd let you know that after having a gun held to his head, Oyster Boy has graciously decided to wow us all once again with a show of gastrointestinal fortitude. For his next challenge, OB has selected the Burger Crawl, which will require him to eat one burger at each of the following in 2.5 hours:
Quality Meats @58th
POP Burger @ 58th
Burger Joint @ Parker Meridien 57th
Brooklyn Diner @ 57th
Burger Heaven @53rd
Prime Burger @51st
Burger Shoppe @ Water Street
We're going to be taking bets in blocks, with a minimum bid of $10/block. If OB completes the challenge, we'll be sending him to Vegas. If he doesn't, you'll get to salvage a little pride post being exposed as gutlesswretches. Either way, there's a good chance he's gonna puke, which will at least provide a little much needed comic relief during these tough times.


Know Your Place

Willingly or otherwise, Europe is falling into line behind the unstoppable leadership of the United States of America.