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Pssst...Have You Heard There's A Hiring Freeze At Merrill Lynch?

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OMG! You guys! Have you heard that Merrill Lynch totally has a hiring freeze in place? The company isn't hiring anyone these days--not even to replace folks who leave or to fill slots it had previously budgeted for. The only exception is retail brokers, who mainly work on commissions anyway.
The story "broke" late yesterday, when the New York Times reporter Louise Story somehow "obtained" an internal memo from Greg Fleming, Merrill's president, and Tom Sanzone, the chief administrative officer. According to a story published in Reuters a half hour later, Merrill Lynch spokeswoman Jessica Oppenheim has even confirmed the memo!
Of course, Bess Levin reported all this 31 hours earlier here, even including a photo of the memo on a Merrill Lynch computer. But we congratulate our colleagues in the financial media on catching up so quickly.