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Some of you might've taken issue with the news that UBS healthcare head Ben Lorello recently enacted an attendance policy wherein he takes roll every morning and employees who show up past 9:00 am are marked late. Said it was a bit Adolf-esque of him. Wondered whether or not the staff is required to raise their right arms at an angle of about 45 degrees above the horizontal and slightly sideways to the right. Tell him how great his stache looks, and so on and so forth. BUT--just for the record, and so you can make more appropriate jokes at his expense--Lorello doesn't actually fashion himself a genocidal maniac so much as he does the founder of a powerful Mafia family who strokes a cat named Mr. Bo Jangles (true story, read Coppola's autobiography).

Associates recall [Lorello] bringing a street fighter's tenacity to winning deals. He called subordinates "the family," a former colleague says, and so enjoyed impersonating "Godfather" Vito Corleone that he would superimpose his face over the Don's in client presentations. UBS says that he uses the word "team," not "family." -- WSJ, 26 July 2004