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Sarah Palin: Short Oil

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So it turns out that John McCain picked Tina Fey Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.
"Sarah Palin" is probably the most searched for name on the internet right now. In the minutes after news of her selection spread, popular websites like the Drudge Report went down. The reason for this is relatively simple: most of us don't know anything about this woman who John McCain wants to be his running mate.
The one thing we do know is that she's been a strong proponent of drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve and wants to see more off-shore drilling. In fact, she's said that McCain, who opposed drilling in ANWR, is "wrong on that issue." It certainly seems that Republicans are lining themselves up as the party of greater oil supplies.
After the jump, we present a CNBC segment with Palin advocating drilling in ANWR.