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Short Selling Wizard Closes On East Side Tower

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Cityfile reports that Jim Chanos has closed on a triplex at 3 East 75th Street (neighbors!). Chanos paid $20.365 million two months ago for the 7,800 square foot space. In the same way that rich people often have so many rooms they don't know what to do with them all and end up devoting one to a single activity such as the Gift Wrapping Room, Chanos's abode will include a 20x20 reserved specifically for candle-lit Ouija board sessions (really not that frivolous when you consider that it's an integral part of the short selling biz. There will also be a guest bed for Alfred Winslow Jones, often summoned in the O-room during idea sessions (slumber parties) with the boys (Einhorn, Ackman, Tilson).
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