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So You Failed The CFA: Let's Celebrate

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We spent a good part of our week celebrating readers who passed the CFA level II and level III exam. But we know that a lot of you didn't pass. Over half of those taking the level II exam failed, and a few of those failures are bound to be DealBreaker readers.
Our first piece of advice is not to let it get you down. The CFA has such a high failure rate that there are serious questions about whether its a fair test of knowledge and ability rather than just a test of what you randomly happened to memorize. Our second piece of advice: embrace your failure!
The CFA institute divided all failed candidates into ten approximately equal score bands. Then they let you know how compared with all other failed candidates by rating you on a scale of 1 to 10. Those who ranked #1 scored in the bottom 10%. Those who ranked #10 scored in the top 10%. "Congratulations! You were the smartest failure!"
In comments, let us know where you rank among the failed candidates. Full disclosure: at least one of your DealBreaker editors graduated in the top half of the bottom quarter of his high school class!


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