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Strippers On Wall Street

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We love Overheard In New York, the website that reports overheard private conversations between New Yorkers. It's a great window on the psychology, linguistic tropes and day-to-day habits of those in the city. So it was only a matter of time before Wall Street's troubles started showing up.
Today we came across a conversation that took place at the Cheetah strip club between a first time stripper and a patron. To find out what all this has to do with Wall Street, follow the jump.

20-something girl to stripper: Wow, it's really your first night?
Stripper: Yeahh. It's pretty cool. Just gave my first lap dance.
20-something girl: Oh my god! How exciting!
Stripper: I mean, I gotta pay the tuition bills. My summer internship at Goldman Sachs doesn't pay so I had to make some cash somehow.

Of course, right now you are asking yourself the obvious question: was it really her first night stripping? That's something strippers say to the more naive customers on a regular basis, hoping to score some sympathy points by making themselves seem as lost and alienated in a strip club as the customer.
We're assuming the Goldman Sachs bit isn't true either. (But if we're wrong email us.) But the very fact that strippers know enough to complain about getting underpaid on Wall Street demonstrates how far the crisis on Wall Street has penetrated into the psyche of New York.

Plus, It's a Unique Résumé Bullet
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