The Fate Of Lehman Somehow Rests In This Boy's Hands


In an effort to prove via gastrointestinal fortitude that Oyster Boy isn't the only man on Wall Street with a set of working testicles, today, as we speak, another financial services hack is attempting to successfully complete The Vending Machine Challenge. As you well know, the last of his kind to try and eat one of every item in his firm's treasure chest o' snacks failed miserably. Success, in this case, is defined as the strapping young man above eating the following items between 10 and 3. At this time, he's consumed 4 bags of chips and a candy bar, and is said to be struggling on account of drinking too much last night and eating "a big breakfast this morning."

Cheddar sun chips
Onion soy crisps
Nacho Doritos
Pretzel sandwiches
Honey wheat pretzels
Quaker rice cakes
Veggie crisps
Animal crackers
Yogurt snacks
Chex mix
Rolled gold pretzels
Baked lays
Potato skins
Smart pop corn
Rice crispie treat
Fig newtons
Multi grain bar
Balance bar
P and B crackers
Nature Valley granola bar
Snack wells
Nutter butters
Hershey kisses
Reeses pieces
Zagnut (crunchy pb with toasted coconuts)
Wintergreen breathsavers
Mint breathsavers



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