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The Hunt For The Stripper At The Heart Of Goldman!

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This morning Wall Street was smirking over the possibility that an intern at Goldman Sachs had resorted to working as a stripper because her position at the firm was unpaid. Within Goldman, the possibility had launched speculation about exactly which intern might be the stripper. Outside of the firm, it was being treated as a delicious scandal.
But is there really a stripper working at Goldman?

"At last those arrogant SOBs get to be embarrassed," one banker at a rival firm said.
"Actually, one of my high school friend's sister who is insanely hot and whose post graduation job at BS [Bear Stearns] obviously fell through is currently interning at GS," a commenter said on DealBreaker.
The story began as a quote on the popular Overheard In NY website. A female patron encountered a stripper who claimed that it was her first day and that she had taken the job because her internship at Goldman was unpaid.
Sadly, the story of the stripper in the heart of Goldman is probably not true. Goldman Sachs has no unpaid internships, according to a spokesperson for the firm. This means that at least the part about being in an "unpaid" internship is false. And while it is possible the stripper is in a paid internship, and was merely hoping to win sympathy for her poor economic situation from the customer, we're inclined to believe the entire Goldman angle was made up.