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The Pete Peterson Hook Up

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We've always wanted to be friends with Blackstone co-founder Pete Peterson because he's sure to have some side-splitting tales about watching Steve Schwarzman try to masturbate and/or sleep in a water bed, two activities which, anatomically speaking, are damn near impossible for SS to do. The whole him being loaded thing was secondary, and besides, who's to say he's not one of those super cheap billionaires who insists on dividing up the bill according to what each person ate when out to dinner with friends? Recent news, apparently. The Observer's Max Abelson reports that Peterson just bought his pal Leslie Gelb a little apartment on East 69th Street and there was nothing in it for PP. Wasn't anything too flashy, just a $3,040,000 co-op, but he knew living in squalor would make Gelb and the family happy.
"It's perfect for them," Mr. Peterson said. "It's not a large apartment--has kind of a small dinning room and a small living room, and I don't know whether there are two bedrooms or three but they're rather small. ... What I really like is that they like it."
What a Mensch! Pete Peterson Buys Pal Les Gelb a $3 M. Co-op [The Observer]



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