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This Is Serious

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So, okay. One of you, we'll call him Reader J. as that is his name, writes to us good and worked up about a matter of dire importance. Normally we like to let you fend for yourselves (we're trying to raise self-sufficient men here) but we get the distinct feeling J's about to blow a gasket and in this case will make an exception in an attempt to talk him down from the ledge. For future reference, boys, please note if you haven't already that it's generally best to call us third or fourth when it comes to emergencies, with Vikram Pandit and RuPaul (203-890-2000) clocking in at one and two. We, like Dick Fuld, are not good in crises. We're just not. Anyway, J. writes:

At my current office (a law firm) and at my former office (a trading floor), we have occasionally discussed undershirts: crew-neck versus v-neck. I don't know when it became acceptable to wear a dress shirt with a white t-shirt crew neck peeking out at the collar. Was it a response to the death of business formal? Is it a carryover from frat fashion? Or is it that men are no longer comfortable showing any chest hair that might otherwise be visible with an unbuttoned collar? Perhaps there are others out there who witnessed the trend's inception first-hand. Could you post an item in the Banking Culture section regarding this?

According to Carney, "in some circles it's seen as risqué and trashy not to wear an undershirt." And I'm sure a lot of people would argue the display of chest hair could potentially paralyze an otherwise promising career. However, the case study after the jump demonstrates that for some people, and only if you are sex on a stick like the subject that follows, letting your curly q's stick out can be the ticket to the big leagues. Bow chica wow wow.