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What To Do When You Are Fired: Make Cupcakes

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We're just going to admit that we think it's adorable that Jessica Walter turned to making cupcakes when she lost her job as a vice president in credit strategy at Bear Stearns. She liked cupcakes and kids so much she went and founded a company, called Cupcake Kids!, to provide birthday parties and cooking classes for children, according to Bloomberg.
Bloomberg also reports on Jeff Salmon, who decided to "swap" investing in asset-backed securities at Bank of New York for keeping the books at a barber shop. (Ha! Hillarious. "Swap." Get it? Did you see what Bloomberg did there?)
Last night we talked to two women at different banks who both asked about becoming a professional blogger, a sure sign that market panic is peaking.

Wall Street's Jobless Try Cupcakes, Cheap Haircuts, Maybe Omaha