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What Was Your Best Vacation Ever?

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Inflation spirals out of control. Fannie and Freddie are failing. Global construction bets are on the verge of blowing up.
There. You've got your big, market-moving hard news out of the way. Now let's settle into some real summer silliness. Everyone's favorite penny stock trader and budding internet entrepreneur Tim Sykes is about to leave for an extravagant vacation in Japan. He plans to spend $11,000 in seven days by dining on pricey sushi and staying in Ritzy hotels. Then he's going to climb Mount Fuji, just to say he did it.
We're pretty sure this entire trip has been planned just to anger his critics. So don't take the bait. Instead, in comments below, describe the best vacation you ever took and how much it cost you. Go on, show your baller cred.

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