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Who Wants A Ring Ding?


It's pretty much just me on this thing today and it's Friday and I've got this corporate card they gave me burning a hole in my pocket and I'm feeling giving so here's what: the first five individuals or group of individuals to e-mail me something good get lunch on us. Doesn't have to be proprietary information or crotch shots of Steve Cohen (though of course both are accepted). Links? Jokes? (Embeddable) Jiminy Glick clips? Whatever. I'm keeping my expectations very, very low. Basically I'm just looking for something that will prevent me from throwing myself in front of a bus. That's my bottom line, and I'm really very flexible on that, too.
This is independent of our formal sandwich welfare program and thus does not have to be cheese steak (though if cheese steak is what you want that's fine). Pizza? Chinese? Ice cream sundaes? Whatever floats your boat. You: pick a place that will deliver to your office and accepts credit cards. No disrespect to the fly-overs or West Coast, the South or France but we're keeping this to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. E-mail us the info necessary to get it from the purveyor of food into your mouth. I: will place the order and pay for it (well, Dealbreaker will but you know). End scene. Good luck to all (though, really, this is just a test of speed. As long as your Google isn't broken and you've got marginally fast fingers, this shouldn't be too hard).