'WWE Raw' Fans Now Up To Speed On Meredith Whitney's Take On The Incestuous Relationship Between The Banks And Credit Rating Agencies


Here's a story worthy of DealBreaker, a family publication. Oppenheimer analyst Meredith Whitney's husband was apparently promoting the latest issue of Fortune, of which his wife graces of the cover, on Monday night's WWE Raw. Cute, right? He's proud so proud of her (and extra orifices she's made for Citi and Merrill and the industry and in general). Of course, knowing Layfield and his less than stellar wrestling skills, he was probably using the magazine as an intimidation factor by which to say "Be forewarned, my wife will fuck you up," but whatever. Luckily, or perhaps because of, it didn't come to that. According toFortune blogger Patricia Sellers, Layfield, who was referred to as "Mr. Whitney" on Monday night, won the match (by falling on his opponent, world heavyweight champion CM Punk, with one second remaining).