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A Serious Question

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I'm going to word this carefully because I'm trying to be sensitive about the fact that he probably thinks his life is over but honestly--what hell is it going to take to smoke Dick Fuld out of his cave? As of this afternoon, post-BarcLehs announcement, he's still yet to show is face or even send out an drunken, rambling email. Where is he? Does he even know what's happen? No reports mentioned him taking part in deal discussions, and Barclays chairman Archibald Cox Jr. was leading the whole thing. So it's quite conceivable that he's holed up in his bedroom with the lights turned off and his head under a pillow and telling the wife to hold all calls. Meaning he doesn't actually know what's going on and perhaps we could convince him that in a crazy turn of events things turned out to not be fucked at all, he's still CEO of a kick ass firm, and Einhorn actually wanted to apologize? Or would will it take the Cruller on a stick trick? (Apparently he's a big fan of those.)