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Aleksey Vayner Gets Married?

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Do you remember Aleksey Vayner? In what seems like another era--mostly, because it was another era--Aleksey Vayner was a cocky kid who claimed to be running a hedge fund while he was an undergraduate at Yale. He submitted a resume to a couple of investment banks that included a line about his website.
That website turned out to feature the most ridiculously self-aggrandizing video that we'd ever seen. For a few moments we thought it was a fake. The name--sounds like "Vainer"--was just too perfect. But the video was real enough. Soon it was the talk of the town.
So what's Vayner up to now? Well it looks like everyone's famous all-dancing, weight-lifting, pretend hedge-fund managing egomaniac is married, according to an anonymous tipster at IvyGate. We wish them at least as much joy as they brought us two years ago!