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At Least Someone's Having Fun!

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The Journal reports that Chuck Prince is BACK. IN. THE. GAME. The former Citi CEO has landed a gig at Washington-based consulting firm Stonebridge International, where he will serve as "a sort of global business ambassador and counselor to senior management of companies and other organizations around the world," which sounds both delightfully whimsical and sufficiently vague enough that he can't be held responsible for anything that could potentially lead to shitcanning numero dos. And speaking of that which caused Mr. Prince's first firing, Chuckles told the Journal that after spending a lot of time "thinking about what happened," he has "concluded" that the credit crunch and its consequences were "unforeseeable." (Was the state of zen about "all this heavy shit" reached via Jimmy Cayne's basement?) Anyway, it's all good now, and even though many of his former colleagues and employees are bleeding out of every orifice right this second, CP seems to be enjoying a state of blissful unawareness perhaps achieved only by drug usage. "I'm going to have fun," he told the J. " It's been a long time since I've had fun."
Prince To Use Contacts In Stonebridge Post [WSJ]