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Barack Obama, Sex, Drugs And A Perp Walky Photo

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The Wall Street Journal's news pages are notoriously liberal not in sync with the right-wing stance of its editorial pages. But ever since Rupert Murdoch bought the Journal's parent company, Dow Jones, many have wondered if that might change. The place of Barack Obama's picture just above the best story ever salacious tale of sex and drugs at the Department of the Interior will give them little reassurance that conservative politics aren't playing a role in the news department. Surrounded by police, walking on the sidewalk, Barack glancing over his shoulder--well, it looks more than a little like a perp walk picture. As it turns out, the picture has nothing to do with the headline. Barack was just going to an appearance on David Letterman.
On a related note: who would have ever suspected that working for the Department of the Interior could be so much fun?