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Barclays - Lehman Deal Marks Bottom of Credit Crunch Panic

Well, now that someone actually put their money where their leaks were and ponied up for something that Lehman owns, other troubled firms look to be buoyed by the lift in Lehman confidence.
Lehman shares soared 9.00% on the news to $0.2276 per share and the rising tide of confidence that the assets in the opaque portfolios of financial firms are more of a Polonium-210-slow-and-painful kind of toxicity instead of the quick-and-violent lethality of sodium cyanide rallied firms like Washington Mutual (WM) up a whopping 19.50% to $2.39, its highest point in the preceding 10 minutes.
The news also boosted the second derivative of AIG's stock price. The rate of the rate of deterioration in AIG's share price reversed quickly, jumping +5.50%, up from a brutal -24.33% yesterday. AIG indicated it does not comment on the second derivative of their stock price during market hours, pursuant to that firm's investor relations policy.