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Bearpont Morgan Mutual Back On The Table?


Not content to allow Ken Lewis be named King of Wall Street, and walk around town flashing the sceptor that comes with, Jamie Dimon is expected to be making a bid for Washington Mutual, which was cut to junk last night by Standard & Poor's. The JP Morgan CEO reportedly approached WaMu about knocking boots mere weeks after buying Bear Stearns, but was brutally rebuffed.


Proxy Firms Trying To Start Sh*t Between JP Morgan Shareholders, Jamie Dimon

Apparently Glass Lewis and ISS would just loooove to create a little drama at 270 Park.

Don't Talk To Jamie Dimon About Income Inequality When Everyone In The Middle Class Is Taking Pix On An iPhone 6

Twenty years ago they would've been using flip-phones. Life is great. Case closed.

JP Morgan Shows 5 Employees The Door For Sports Betting On The Clock

Turns out gambling at the office is not a great idea.