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Bernanke Supports Rescue Plan

Fed chairman Ben Bernanke put out a statement this morning that he "welcomes the agreement by Congress and the Administration," which will "support the economy," lead to "financial stability" and "afford protections for the tax payer."
This was pretty much to be expected, but we were still holding out hope that he'd emerge from National Archives at dawn, completely disheveled, clutching a bunch of papers and running toward Pelosi's office, shouting about how he'd found a text published 5 years after the Great Depression that showed we're going about this completely wrong. He'd run up to the building but the front entrance is locked so he finds a side door and runs up the stairs and presses his face up against a glass overlooking Nance et. al. about to pass the legislation. He bangs on the glass screaming "Nancy! Nancy! Nancy!" At first she looks at him like he's crazy but then shouts back "Ben! Ben! Ben!" Dodd turns to Frank and asks, "Who is the guy? What's he doing?" and Paulson yells "Stay out of this!" and attempts to wrestle Ben to the ground. Frank grabs Nance and tells her "It's too late!" to which Madame Speaker shouts "Not for me!" Then they board a bus headed toward M Street, sitting in awkward silence.
Not saying it couldn't still happen, but it's looking bleak.