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Blogging Bush. Wow, That Was Fast.

We expected Bush to go crazy nuts and talk on and on and on. Boy were we surprised.
9:40:11 AM ohbabyitsbess: bushie in the house
9:41:15 AM ohbabyitsbess: "we have a big problem" [pause for smirk]
9:41:20 AM ohbabyitsbess: "we have a problem that needs to be solved" [pause for smirk]
9:40:30 AM ohbabyitsbess: god, do you not love how he always sounds like he's doing stand up?
9:40:35 AM ohbabyitsbess: "There is no disagreement that something substantial must be done." thank you captain obvious. that was unclear (except to bill o'reilly)
9:40:43 AM ohbabyitsbess: "we're workin' hard" [pause to internally add: "or hardly workin', oh yeah"]
9:40:53 AM ohbabyitbess: "we will rise to the occasion"
9:40:57 AM equityprivate: Opinions are like assholes.
At this point the address has ended.. yes... ended. Over.
9:41:11 AM ohbabyitsbess: what the fuck was the point of that
9:41:20 AM ohbabyitsbess: "we'll rise to the occasion"
9:41:24 AM ohbabyitsbess: thank you and good night
9:41:38 AM equityprivate: Not very pretty. Someone told him about the Sausage and Laws joke.
9:41:50 AM equityprivate: Way too busy to talk for more than a few minutes, you know.
9:41:57 AM ohbabyitsbess: why is cnbc making a big deal of how he didn't blame anyone?
9:42:02 AM ohbabyitsbess: the person to blame is mccain
9:42:03 AM equityprivate: CNBC, they are totally flabbergasted.
9:42:06 AM ohbabyitsbess: obvi he's not going to do that
9:42:10 AM equityprivate: They are amazed its over.
9:42:19 AM equityprivate: They need a commercial to catch their breath.