Bloomberg Can't Stop Pronouncing Live People Dead


Apparently last week's little gaffe, wherein Bloomberg ran Steve Jobs's obituary to the ire of many over at the Apple, was not an accident. Rather, it was the inaugural item in a new gag series started by the newswire. The premise is simple yet brilliant: each week, a person or company is picked out of a hat and Bloomberg will run a story saying he/she/it has passed on. Laughs will ensue. Today the second party to be honored was United Airlines. Shares of the company plunged up to 76 percent when the 'berg carried a report from Income Securities Advisors that said the airline had filed for bankruptcy protection. (Though the company has indeed had some bankruptcy trubs in the past, it exited that situation in February 2006.)
Who will be next to (fake) die on Bloomberg's watch? We're guessing Lehman Brothers or John McCain* though you'd probably know better.
False Report Sends UAL Shares Plunging [Dealbook]
*Sorry, that was uncalled for. Not that funny when it's entirely plausible.