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Bonus Points If You Can Figure Out Which Hedge Fund*

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Maria Dominguez, "a money manager for a hedge fund," had her $3 million case against Vibe magazine and Sean Combs thrown out by Judge Doris Ling-Cohan yesterday. The suit centered around a shot of Dominguez topless in a pool with the caption "Mermaids gone wild," which the lady "wasn't too happy about, that's for sure," according to her lawyer. The judge argued that Dominguez shouldn't have expected privacy after she took her clothes off, especially since she did so at the annual White party, "a subject of tremendous interest." I haven't been in a court room in some time so I wont delve into the legality of the sitch but I will say this--in times like these, when you work at a hedge fund, your breasts are probably the only assets that haven't depreciated. Slapping them on the table (or on the pages of a widely distributed magazine) might just prevent other sorts of withdrawals and encourage additional deposits. Be a lady, and take one for the team.
Topless photo lawsuit against Diddy gets tossed [NYDN]
*She was born female, otherwise it'd most likely be SAC.