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Charlie Gasparino Leaves The Greatest Voicemail(s) OF ALL TIME

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click to listen to aforementioned GVMOAT.
Update: After leaving him several threatening-ish sounding voicemails, we finally got in touch with Mr. Gasparino, who shed some light. Regarding the first message, he doesn't remember what it was about. The second two were apparently left after he'd been lied to about Lehman Brothers COO Joseph Gregory and CFO Erin Callan getting fired, and needed to "put the pedal to the metal." Though other journalists might've vehemently denied having left such messages, for fear of being called out for juicing, No Sleeves stood his ground.
"I'm unfazed [by the fact that someone put the voicemails on YouTube]," NS told Dealbreaker. "You should've seen and heard me ten years ago. I'm mellow now." Gasparino did add, however, that whoever decided to upload and make public his cell phone number (which we removed from our clip), should sleep with one eye open, because his "buddies at the FBI are going to find out who you are."
Update 2: Let it be known that Gasparino was the one to break the Gregory/Callan Story.
Update 3: Since we had him on the phone again, we asked No Sleeves why he chose not to curse in any of his messages. They were great, obviously, but a few well-timed 'mother-fucker's could've really added something special, not to mention probably have gotten the recipients to call back. According to Sans Sleeves, "I didn't curse because I was on vacation in San Diego and calling from my hotel room, and my wife was within earshot."



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