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Charlie Gasparino Thinks You (r Bosses) Are All Pussies

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Charlie Gasparino's latest column for Trader Monthly is about everyone's favorite topic/bank that just won't die: Lehman Brothers. Specifically, the fate of LEH CEO Dick Fuld. Friends say he's "tiring out" and many believe his days at the firm are numbered, whether or not the institution goes under or gets broken up or bought out, especially since Fuld "can't stomach" the idea of the Brothers "being part of some homogenous bank." But Chaz knows Dick is going to be just fine. Why? Because he's not afraid to (attempt, unsuccessfully) to knock another man's teeth out, unlike some people Gasparino knows:

"It is never smart to bet against Fuld. He's a fighter, even in the most literal sense: As I reported last year, he once got into a physical altercation at his son's hockey game with a parent from the opposing team. That time, he didn't fare too well against a guy who one eyewitness described as twice his size, but how many Wall Street CEOs you know would have even stood their ground?"

Yeah! How many heads of public companies do you know that would get into a fist fight with another kid's parent in public, probably embarrassing his own child and risking assault charges (which, I can tell you, as a fractional owner of many, many companies, the shareholders love)? We want to believe Lloyd would be down for some sucker punches but sort of doubt it. And this is obviously a crock:

The Beat of the Street: Once More Unto the Breach [Trader Monthly]


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