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CNBC Anchors Battle For Face Time

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We're always looking for news about the political and personal battles waged inside of CNBC's "global headquarters." But lately the internal rumor mill has been all too quiet. It's like everyone took the summer off from hating, undermining and backstabbing!
Just a few days after Labor Day, however, it looks like the long knives are out and backs are getting pricked. "The top talents at CNBC are battling over a billboard," Page Six reports. "A network insider tells us Maria Bartiromo, Suze Orman and Donny Deutsch 'all want their pictures on CNBC's billboard overlooking the West Side Highway, and there's always a lot of fighting and lobbying behind the scenes over it. They're like a bunch of prima donnas.' A CNBC flack denied any rivalry and insisted all three have had their mugs featured on the board in the last year."
So have Erin Burnett and Becky Quick just given up? Why aren't they on the billboard? And what about those two who have somehow captured "The Call" this morning, Rebeca Jarvis and Trish Regan? What did they have to do to Margaret Brennan to keep her off the air?

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