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Confidential To Erin Callan: The Stems Are From Us

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I felt the need to throw that note up there in case a confused EZ-E comes around these parts at some point this afternoon. We went with the flowers, writing '' on the card and while you people know this site is an indispensable resource for anyone hoping to achieve a modicum of success in this business, others might not. It pains us to say that Callan may actually be unfamiliar with DB. Hopefully, though, she or an assistant will follow the breadcrumbs to this address and put two and two together, at which time we can initiate girl talk, by which we mean the passing of proprietary information.
Note: We ended up going with blooms sort of by default--it was too late to send lunch, and the panty-gram seemed a little risky, it being her first day and whatnot. BUT! (see what I did there?) we want to send the PG to someone. We can't come to a consensus as to who's the most deserving of the (gag) gift which, full disclosure will be sent on behalf of Alan Greenspan, an absolute FREAK who is rumored to have legitimately sent more than a few PGs to his various strumpets back in the day. So:
a.Brian Hunter
b.Dick Fuld
c.Larry Robbins
d.Charlie Gasparino
e. Your call


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