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Congress Flip-Flopping On ETA

The Wolf Blitzinator reports that leaders had said earlier that they would have text of the bailout online by 12; now it's "at some point this afternoon." Apparently Cantor is all, "I don't know, I'm nervous, I think we're moving too fast."
Blitz also spoke to Senators Judd Gregg and Chris Dodd about their thoughts on McCain and Obama's involvement in the deal. The former said he believed "McCain-- and Obama's-- involvement was constructive and helped move things along," while the latter rolled his eyes, shook his head, wrinkled his nose and turned to the gnome perched on his shoulder to ask, "You buying this crock of shit?"


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President Bloomberg Puts Down Payment On Friendly First-Term Congress

Hizzoner hopes a few checks and balances will mean there will still be a country for him to run in three years.