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Cue Sad Trombone When You Realize The Subject Can Probably No Longer Afford This For His Private Collection

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Breathe a collective sigh of relief, ladies--Geoffrey Raymond, the greatest artist of our time, is back with another financial meltdown-themed masterpiece. The latest is of AIG founder and former chairman/CEO Hank Greenberg. "The Annotated AIG" will be on display in front of 70 Pine starting this afternoon through the rest of the week. Per usual, Raymond is inviting various passersby to take a few minutes to jot down anything they'd like to say to Greenberg's "face." The portrait will be available for purchase on eBay, though we're guessing had the Fed let AIG fail, it would've been worth a few more shekels today.
We asked Raymond when we could expect a Beard and Bald embrace on canvas, but apparently he's "so far behind he can barely function" and is planning on simply reintroducing his original "Annotated Fed," which didn't sell initially.