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Dealbreaker Swag

Ok, we have heeded the call. We've opened up a very basic Cafepress shop for Anti-anti-short swag. We'll leave the very basic, vanilla logo clad stuff up for now, but eventually we have to slop our logo on the stuff, Microsoftify the package and commercialize the entire operation. Get it before we sell out of the pure stuff! (Supplies are limited).
Since none of the shorts impacted by the ban will return our calls, all profits are going to the Dealbreaker lunch fund (used to fund lunches, flowers, condoms and the like given away to random readers for services rendered).
Update:Of course, if you have other tagline ideas you prefer, and they catch our eye, we'll add them in a heartbeat!
Update 2:Ok, the speed with which mugs and shirts are flying off the shelves is frightening us. In a good way.
Dealbroken Cafepress Shop