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Don't Deny It: You Could Go For A Comp'd 'Spamalot' Matinee Right About Now

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Obviously one of the more pressing questions for many former Lehman Brothers employees right now, second only to 'where the fuck is Dick Fuld,' is what their severance packages will be like. Forbes sort of answers that question by telling us those not employed by the newly formed BarcLehs will be paid "severance equal to what was promised Lehman...estimated at about $2.5 billion."
In other, less vague but more flaming news regarding bones tossed to the unemployed, Andrew Lloyd Webber is reportedly offering free admission to "The Sound of Music" and "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" to former Bros.
"Both 'The Sound of Music' and 'Joseph' are feel-good shows and I thought that free tickets might offer some respite, albeit for a couple hours, for some of those people who have sadly lost their jobs in the current economic upheaval," Webber told Forbes (ALW is also said to be working on a new musical called "The Last Days In Fuld's Bunker.") Unfortunately you need to be in London to redeem the offer but those laid off in New York can get passes to a crap movie of your choice, on DB. Carney will even throw in for Junior Mints.