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Festivus For The Restivus

In advance of the 1 pm Vote on the Bailout, we're watching the C-Span Live Stream of the House of Representatives, and highly suggest you do the same. It's basically going to be two and a half hours of airings of grievances. Ron Paul got himself good and worked up a few minutes ago. Hopefully there'll be a fistfight before 1. I'm not sure who I think would be the most worthy opponent but I would like to see Barney Frank rumbling with one of his colleagues.
Update: Okay Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D-PA) just suggested that his colleagues who are against the bill "watch movies about the Depression to see what might happen." Movies. "Watch Cinderella Man, gang. Russell Crowe is too fat now to save us. Watch The Sting. Paul Newman is dead now and Redford looks like the suitcase in your attic, so there'll be no puckish scamps to bring good cheer with their lovable cons. If that's all out at Blockbuster, and it probably is, because you know people are feeling nostalgic, try Armageddon. This is serious, people."
Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX): Is Our Congressman Learning: "This bill is a hundred pages. That's a billion dollars a page* that the Wall Street Fat Cats want Joe Six Pack to pay for." Barney Frank adds, "While I think the gentleman was a little too hard on the Bush administration, I agree with what he had to say."
Update, 11:24: Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) adds the Wizards of Short Selling to her Enemies List:

"I hate the high priced schemers of Wall Street and their tricky products, and hedge funds, and short selling. I'm not voting for this bill because of Them, I am voting for it because of Main Street."

*Let's not be too hard on him, he's not off by *that* much.