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Not content to let the inconvenience of the real world interfere with their high flight lifestyle, a group of enterprising young members of DePauw University's Beta Theta Pi chapter have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Yes, it probably it has a little to do with not wanting their asses foreclosed over the matter of a $1 million owed to Lehman Brothers from a 1999 loan. But it also has a lot to do with the immediate short-term benefits of not having to make payments and instead putting that money toward whatever the toilet water beer of choice is in Indiana. "Rather than just pouring every bit of income the house gets into the mortgage, we're working on renegotiating the mortgage with the bank," said president Greg Giometti. Provided the house isn't a shelter for infidels to refer to beirut as beer pong, we're all for it.
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D.E. Shaw Geniuses Build Their Greatest Model Yet

Do you worship at the Temple of Chipotle? Do you refuse to make use of the online order option that allows you to bypass the line, as one half of Team Dealbreaker does, but unlike said burrito lover, prefer not to show up before 12 so as to beat the rush? Would you die before patronizing some inferior establishment for lunch but would also like to know what kind of wait you're going to be dealing with before making the trip, or, alternatively, not really care how long you have to wait but just get off on predicting stuff to a 3-sigma confidence level? Some enterprising D.E. Shaw employees have got covered. FYI- D.E. Shaw employees have built a model that predicts the length of the line at the Chipotle down the street from the 1166 Ave of the Americas office. Not only that, they are really excited about how accurate it is. Obviously this needs to be shared and disseminated ASAP, for the greater good, unless it's being kept proprietary at this time for reasons that involve a little something called the DE Shaw Chipotle Line Length Fund I and investors who would pay 2 and 20, nay, 3 and 50 to get in on this little money-making machine. Related: Tools Of The Trade: How To Prove To DE Shaw You’re DE Shaw Material