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Get Your Lehman Brothers Collectors Items Now!

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Lehman Brothers is currently holding a fire sale at 745 on all company merchandise to place in a glass case next to the shit you bought from Bear and are planning on buying from Morgan Stanley. Those on the front line report that "it is like like a scene out of Indepedence Day or Jumanji the way people are crashing into each other grabbing at stuff." Swag includes the usual duffle bags, Polos, sweatshirts and golf balls and some items you probably wouldn't expect, like periodicals "on Irish people" (really) and the blood stained Brooks Brothers jacket Fuld was wearing last year when he rumbled with a fellow parent at his kid's ice and hockey game and lost. Apparently there's enough DNA on the thing for you to clone your own inept Wall Street CEO. That one's gonna go fast so we suggest getting there stat.