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Good Luck, Credit Suisse

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As many of you are aware, today marks a very momentous occasion. I am not referring to Jorge Soros finally being appointed to the NAMBLA executive committee, though it is indeed cause for celebration and we'll have more on that later. Right now we're talking about a lady named Erin Callan, who rejoins the workforce today.
For those who've forgotten, back in June Callan's former boss Dick Fuld was under a little pressure to fire someone for Lehman Brothers's dropping stock, and he took the chivalrous route and chose her (along with Joseph Gregory, for wearing an ugly green suit). Callan was actually offered a pity gig in the investment banking unit, but obviously that was demeaning and beneath her, and declined (as erstwhile CFO, Callan's decision to bail probably also had something to do with the insider information that the ship was/is going down hard).
Anywho, she took a job with the much more affable Brady Dougan at Credit Suisse as Managing Director and head of its Global Hedge Fund Business, a position created specially her, and starts today. She's probably a little excited and little nervous, as most first-timers are, so we want to do something nice for her. Obviously we're going to run into trouble if we show up at 11 Madison Avenue ourselves and try to get some face time with EZ-E so we're going to take the delivery boy route. But we can't decide what would be the most appropriate gift. So! If you would be so kind as to let us know which of the following you think would be best, or nominate your own idea, that'd be great. We'd like to get something out by 12, so chop chop.
2.A cheesesteak
3.A panty-gram (SFW)


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