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How To Tip DealBreaker: A User's Guide

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AIG. Morgan Stanley. Washington Mutual. Wachovia. Russia. There's a lot to keep up with these days and we're doing out best to keep you up to date. But our biggest resource is our readers. You're a rare set of financial insiders with access to some of the best information on the street. Without you we'd just be another financial news organization.
It seems not everyone knows how to get in touch with us. It couldn't be easier. You can email us at or calls us at 212-334-1871 with your office gossip, bankruptcy, misbehaving banker snap shots, true-life stories of work gone bad, deal news, trading desk follies, market movements, promotions and firings, and whatever else happens to be on your mind.
But if you are worried that the SEC might subpoena your emails, there are two more ways to send us tips. You can now contact us via instant messaging. Our AIM screenname is TheDealBreakers. But sometimes you need that extra-measure of security--or rather, to avoid those extra measures of security from the folks who might be monitoring your computer usage. So we also have two DealBreaker tips text message accounts. Send your text tips to 646-526-FEAR or 973-495-0177.
Here's a creative way of sending tips that users recently discovered: take a photo with your phone and send it to us on the tips line or to It's a great way to send firm memos without leaving any trace that can be found by your employer!
As always, you can rest assured that we will keep your identity confidential. Thanks!