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In Defense Of Lehman Brothers

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Apparently the coffee cart guy parked directly in front of Lehman Brothers headquarters has had it with the journalists covering the Lehman Brothers story, and the schadenfreude pouring out of their every orifice. The article from the Wall Street Journal yesterday that quoted a guy talking on his cell phone outside the building, who the reporter didn't actually speak with but rather eavesdropped on, not really having any idea what he was talking about, probably didn't help either. We realize there's something self-serving in all of this, as Coffee Cart Man probably doesn't want all his customers to lose their jobs and lunch money, but I like that he's sticking up for his buddies. Fuck those jerk reporters! I'm going to go interview this guy at 10 on Monday (apparently he leaves at 11 am). If there's anything in particular you'd like me to ask, let me know (hopefully CCM will name names).