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It's Not A Shot In The Arm. It's A Shot In The Ass.

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You know, one of those really thick, syrupy, brownish antibiotic infusions that takes 25 seconds to pull into the syringe.

The Fed and the European Central Bank doubled to $240 billion the amount of dollars being made available to banks hungry for cash. In an announcement Monday by the ECB -- the central bank to the 15-nation euro zone -- said it and the Fed decided to double their temporary reciprocal currency arrangements, or swap lines, from $120 billion to $240 billion.

Europe has managed to fail to avoid the financial failure of the United States. All those smug, French-accented cat calls from last month are sounding a bit premature now. So is the premature Chinese investment in Fortis. Don't fret, China. We screwed Japan but good back in the '80s with real-estate.
Central Banks Inject More Cash As Money Markets Remain Frozen [Wall Street Journal]


A Hedge Fund Trader Named "Baby Arm" Knew It Was All Over After Hearing The Tracks To "The Good Ship Galleon"

As some of you may recall, the day after Galleon Group founder Raj Rajartnam was indicted on insider trading charges, the Post dug up a rap song that had been recorded years earlier called the Good Ship Galleon, commissioned, of course, by party animal Raj Rajaratnam. All we knew at the time was that the artists featured in the ditty went by the names Jesse Jaymes and Cleveland D, but not why this happened or the creative process that went into producing the tune. Lucky for us, Wall Street memoirist and Galleon alum Turney Duff happens to be on a first name basis with Cleveland D because he is Cleveland D, as we find out in Chapter 8 of The Buy Side. Sayeth Mr D: