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Kucinich: Not Enough Votes For Bailout

And apparently this is just like Iraq. Dennis Kucinich told reporters this afternoon, "I will tell you right now I don't know if they have votes...If the votes were there, this would be on the floor. The votes aren't there." In a meeting of House Democrats not so pleased with the $700 billion dubbed the "Skeptics Caucus," Kucinich claimed: "None of this has been subject to a critical analysis. We haven't had access to the books to the people who are claiming they are going broke. They rushed this Congress into the Iraq resolution and look what happened. Catastrophe for this nation as well as for the people of Iraq."
And in an effort to get those of us at home more wasted than we already are, DK added, "There is an attempt to create a fake partisan dichotomy here. This is not about Democrat versus Republican. This is about Main Street or Wall Street" (in an attempt to not die a little inside every time that stupid fucking cutesyism-- " Main Street vs. Wall Street"-- is uttered, we're now taking shots at each mention).