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Laid Off And Laid Out

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The recent events in the life of Lehman Brothers has been difficult for many. But provided you didn't work there or have a monetary stake in the place, I think we can all agree that the fall of Lehman means one very important thing: KA-CHING.
The city is literally crawling with despondent but more importantly drunk women and men who would probably like nothing more than to fuck away their problems. Aware of this silver lining, Daily Intel was good enough to put together a little slide show of the Laid Off Lehman Ladies, whose faces you should make a mental note of. Regarding the BarcLehs announcement that it will keep 9,000 Lehman positions--they haven't said who specifically will be spared and who will not, meaning, as of now, most people are probably trying to hope for the best but expect the worse. Meaning the next week or so is probably strike while the iron is hot time.
The Broken Babes of Wall Street [NYMag]