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Lehman And Barclays Continue To Still Be Talking

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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that an agreement is expected to be reached for Barclays to buy Lehman's U.S. broker-dealer unit in the next several hours. Unlike the potential deal the Barclettes pulled out of Sunday, the one being discussed circa now would allow the U.K. bank leave behind Lehman's not so great assets (which are now sequestered in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, where-- fingers crossed-- they can't fuck up any more shit). Everyone keeps stressing that this needs to get done quickly because Lehman employees are all trying to get new jobs stat. We of course think it would be great if all the Brothers landed new gigs ASAP, but seriously, who the Christ is being employed before the weekend?
Anyway...I thought while we wait for an announcement from BarcLehs, we could watch Chaz Gasparino and Andrew Ross Sorkin's duet on Charlie Rose last night, but the video is sadly not yet available. So...thoughts on the new And-- did they have to change today? Really the best time for that? I'm not saying it's going to have an impact on AIG et. al., but I'd appreciate a little stability.