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Lehman And Barclays Still Talking

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The Journalreported late last evening that Lehman Brothers is negotiating a deal to sell large parts of itself to Barclays PLC, which had previously pulled out of talks regarding a sale on Sunday. The proposed plan would see Barclays taking on Lehman's core business of underwriting stocks and bonds, merger consulting and securities trading.
Emotionally disturbed assets, such as mortgage securities, would not be included in any purchase, but left behind in the holding company that was place under Chapter 11 bankruptcy today. It is expected that approximately 10,000 Lehman employees would be made Barclehs workers as part of a transaction that would include broker-dealer operations and all of it divisions.
As of around nearly midnight, several questions remained unanswered, including kind of a big one-- how much would Barclays pay? The Journal noted that "time is of the essence for Lehman, whose main assets -- its people -- are rapidly walking out its doors." While we don't doubt that a. there's a sense of urgency to get this shit done and b. Lehman employees are going to run out the door the second they get an offer, is there actually a sizable amount of people who are getting hired, like, tomorrow? And if so where? And if it has anything to do with performing maintenance on certain Zamboni machine in Stamford (cleaning the seat cushions, polishing it with a toothbrush, etc), can I come with?