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Lehman Employees Still Expected To Show Up Tomorrow

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We've received a bunch of calls and e-mails from Lehman Brothers employees asking if they should report to work tomorrow. We think you all deserve the day off but obviously we aren't the ones making the decisions here. Various teams have been contacted by their supervisors in the last couple hours and told yes, they still need to come. Here's one from the IT guys.

From: Gopalkrishnan , Hari (Technology)
Sent: Sun Sep 14 19:51:49 2008
Subject: Business Support for Monday
Given the recent press reports regarding Lehman, I wanted to communicate that we are counting on you to be at work on Monday and ready for business as usual. In fact, I ask that you take the extra time necessary to coordinate with your teams to conduct a "ready for business" check on all mission critical activities before the day begins. As I learn more, I will communicate with you.
Thanks as always for your commitment.