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Lehman Is Selling But Goldman Isn't Buying, Gasparino Reports

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Goldman Sachs is not interested in buying Lehman Brothers, a source at Goldman has told CNBC's Charlie Gasparino. Earlier there had been rumors that Goldman had made overtures to Lehman to initiate a 'take-under' with a $2 per share bid. Lehman was reportedly resisting.
We've also been trying to track down someone close to the situation who can speak about a possible Goldman bid for Lehman. So far no one seems to be able confirm the story, leading us to suspect there hasn't been any such overture from Goldman.
Lehman is, however, "actively shopping" the entire operation, Gasparino reports. The market cap now stands at less than $4 billion. Do we hear a bid?

The amazing blow out of Lehman Brothers' credit default swaps has reversed, with about 140 basis points coming out.